Recently, VEENAA GROUP has made its foray into marketing sector. VEENAA GROUP is one of the few companies which have an individual registered marketing company which handles the marketing operations for both residential and commercial real-estate property. VEENAA marketing and services is the brainchild of the Managing Director of VEENAA GROUP, Shri Prakkash Panchal. It was his idea to form a group which takes cares of all the marketing strategies, customer research, promotions and campaigns while spreading the awareness of the reality projects, the company believes in. His vision already paid off with the huge success in all the recently launched projects of “VEENAA Developers”. The credit goes to team of highly professional marketing Experts, Analysts, Researchers and Copywriters. The team works towards a goal of projecting the VEENAA GROUP’s core values in all the marketing strategies. The outcome is remarkable.

Gone are the days when service doesn’t need marketing practices. In modern times, one cannot ignore the importance of right marketing which further assists to provide more and more information about the service or product, what it deals with and why one should buy it. A good marketing strategy helps to reach larger section of society, promoting the values of the company.